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  • Aimacademy.vn, Vietnamyounglions.net, Vietnamyoungspikes.vn, Marketingandadvertisingjobs.vn, Learning.aimacademy.vn  (hereinafter called “AIM ACADEMY websites”) 
  • AIMACADEMY Training Joint Stock Company (hereinafter called “Company” or “AIM ACADEMY”)
  • “AIM ACADEMY Database” includes all posts, content, job posts on AIM ACADEMY websites, and/ or all information/ CV of candidates, learners, and/ or all registration forms of candidates, and/ or information of recruiters that register with AIM ACADEMY.
  • “AIM ACADEMY Services” is any service that relates to training, e-learning, job matching, competition, awards provided by AIM ACADEMY.
  • “Personal file” means information, CV created by User. 
  • “You” and/ or “User” and/ or “Customer” refer to any individual or organization who uses any aspect of AIM ACADEMY websites and/ or AIM ACADEMY Services.