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AIM Academy has 20 courses covering the full spectrum of Marketing & Communication. And you are wondering which subject to choose?

Answer the following questions so that the system

evaluates and suggests subjects that are right for you.


Your current need

Are you pursuing a career in Marketing & Communication and want to learn about the courses at AIM Academy?

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Where is the best place to learn marketing? Actually, the best course is the one that meets your needs.

First, find out what your objective is

Find a job, switch jobs, get promoted, or start your own business... If your goal is to find a new job, whether you like to join a client or an agency, in which position or department - brand team, content, digital, or e-commerce…?

Second, you need to redefine your level

Are you a  junior or a senior? Are you an executive or a manager? How much knowledge do you have about an area of ​​marketing? Ask yourself and answer or share with our consultant to know which marketing course you need to join at AIM Academy.

We have designed combos of courses according to specific jobs and goals for your reference. Try using the above course recommendation system, with just a few simple steps, you will save a lot of time "diving" in more than 20 courses of AIM Academy.

Or if you still can't determine your direction in the industry, do not sure what your needs are, or what areas you want to develop, please return to the Career Orientation page for the most complete picture.

Besides, don't forget the consulting team is always ready to support you, not only in finding the right course but also in career orientation. See you at a course that makes you really satisfied.