Top works in FILM Category – Vietnam Young Lions 2016

The classic Film category of Vietnam Young Lions 2016 has received great support from the country’s Marketing – Communications industry with more than 70 participating teams.

You may see the brief here.

Ms. Masako Okamura, Executive Creative Director of Dentsu Vietnam and Jury Chairwoman for Film Category, expressed her opinion on the opportunity the competition has presented:

“A competition for young people is a field where you can give 100% of your energy and passion. Remember your everyday life. Clients ask you this and that. Your big ECD says your great idea is a no-no. Right?

We judges all had the same experience when we were young. When an entry that each one of us did with full effort but was not sure to win, was picked as the winner, we were delighted, filled with joy and surprise. From that moment, destiny has been changed. Judges still remember these moments and want to make youngsters experience the same excitement. That’s why we choose the best team seriously with our utmost experience and fairness.  We also picked up rough ideas that would inspire Vietnamese talent.

Please view the winning works:

XUXU (Silver Lions)

The idea: 

Without 4G, your life will be getting slow, complicated and it even makes you miss the opportunities which only come once.

With 4G, you can do whatever you want, listen to whatever you like and send messages to the people you love by high quality of 4G.

INSHINE (Bronze Lions)

The idea: 

The ambitious fingers 

RoarMax (Yeah1 Supernova Award)

The idea:

IS “OK” OK? Fact and fact and more fact. By telling only fact and truth, we initiate a wake up call “Is ‘ok’ ok?” We challenge viewers, trigger them into rethink what they are having, is it ok? Or is it just ok?

TRANSPARENT (OPPO Trendsetter Award)

The Idea:

3G users need zen to calm themselves down when waiting for loading, but ultimately fail, while 4G requires none.


Ms. Masako also wanted to urge the young creatives “Be true to yourself. Challenge your limits. Compete against the world.” She also emphasizes “I should say that advertising is the best job in the world. Life is too short to worry about other teams’ results. Let’s be prepared with pencil, paper and original ideas. Then fly to the world.”

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